Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tree House: The Next Generation

How much of our stressful culture do we pass on to our children? I question that children always do what we say- but they definitely do what we do. I have often seen myself unintentionally following the patterns of my parents. I’m sure that I am passing information on to my own children as well, but I don’t know which messages are getting through.

In 2006, I built a tree house with my son. I did this because I traveled extensively and I wanted him to remember us doing something together. I also did this because I didn’t want him to perceive his mom as a mad woman who was forever stressed out, always running to save everyone’s world but her own.

At the time, he was about 9 or 10 and I was looking for a project that would engage us both. I have wanted a tree house since I was a girl. As an adult, I secretly bought a book, Tree Houses You Can Actually Build (by David and Jeanie Stiles, 1998). The most telling information it revealed was that tree houses are as unique as the trees they are built in and the people who build them. It was full of pictures. I dusted it off and handed the book to my son. He sounded like me 40 years ago. “Mom, these are sooo cool! Can we build one?” I told my husband that we were headed off to the hardware store to get materials. His response was brief: “I had a tree house once. It was a plank balanced on a couple of branches about 20 feet up in a tree that I climbed every day.” Back then there were no child safety laws; you just looked down and knew not to slip.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Road Signs

Business travel is an interesting thing. For those of us who travel extensively, it is clear that business travel and leisure travel are very different events. The difference is the stress level. An overload of working business travel can make you feel like you are forever being pulled away from home and rest. For longer trips, you learn that the world will not wait while you are gone, and unfinished personal projects will freeze where you left them.

Rather than focus on the difficult side of travel, I have elected to see the trip as a part of the bigger picture that brings me closer to my goals- whatever they may be. I choose to bring meaning to each trip I take, looking for a new sign or lesson along the way. Any moment can have a subtext with different levels of meaning among the signs and hidden messages. Of course, sometimes a glass of water is just a glass of water, but the trip definitely becomes more interesting.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Rest! A good thing.

It’s Friday! When was the last time you  had a whole weekend to yourself? (Saturday AND Sunday?) Rest is a good thing. Plan for it. Make sure you get yours! Rest is your Friend....

Sharing Perspectives- Balancing Insights

Hello Blog Fans,
I’m back- And yes, I did change the name of my blog to Balancing Insights because I did finally “finish something!” The e-book is called Stress Less: 10 Balancing Insights on Work and Life, and the website is called, and the Facebook page is up. (Feel free to applaud.) 

What did I learn? I talk a good story- but it really is hard to follow through with so many irons in the fire… while writing a book about following through, saving yourself, and lowering your stress level- with so many irons in the fire. I just want others to know- you are not alone. We can all share ways to lower our stress levels and live longer, happier, healthier lives. Feel free to write in.