Monday, October 31, 2011

I Said "Yes" to Me!

I love the holidays, but as November was approaching, I began to see the stress associated with them and my frustration level began to grow. It’s not the turkey and holiday candy that gets to me, but all the outside activities that keep my calendar full- in a very exhausting way.

Every self-help book in the world insists that we all have choices. I felt the need to exercise mine. I notice that I have a higher tendency to say “yes” to everyone who approaches me during this time of year.  (Oddly, I’ve convinced myself that I do it in the interest of giving back during the holiday season). So, what will be different?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Changing Keys

I’ve played piano for years and was asked to accompany a special presentation of the church choir. They did songs I know, but they chose to sing them in a different key than I was used to. To those who don’t have a musical background, this means that I had to play the same songs I knew- differently. This would allow the choir to sing the song higher or lower, using different tones than they otherwise would. When I started to play, my hands wanted to go where they always go... but the key was different, so I had to think and play differently. I know that I could have easily complained and the group would have obliged and followed me back to the same old sound, however, I had to admit that the key change made the same old song sound fresher and brighter with a new message for a new day.

So, I chose to change.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Power of The Routine

When I think how I completed my high school diploma or my scant knowledge of biology, it occurs to me that I didn’t acquire it all in a day. It took years of repetition, learning something here, reading something there, a little at a time until I completed the course. I walked to school Monday through Friday, rain or shine. Once I got there, they would teach us one more thing. Whether dull or exciting, Latin root words or frog dissection, at the end of the day, great or small, something was done. Over the Fall season, a class was completed and I had a basic knowledge of the English language, or the anatomy of amphibians. After twelve years of this, I received a piece of paper indicating that I had the audacity to finish something, and was probably qualified to go on to finish other things in life.

Today, when I list all the goals I want to accomplish, the list seems long and daunting. But then I remember, some of my best accomplishments were completed in small consistent steps, like a class.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuck? Do Anything!

Ever have so much to do that you’re paralyzed? Just staring straight ahead at the mountain of things awaiting your attention? To do nothing seems like certain death- to do everything at once is impossible… Answer? Do anything! Pick something- a corner, a small 15 minute task, and start. It may not be the big problem that haunts you most, but the load is lighter even if you shake off a few ounces.

Thursday, February 10, 2011