Friday, June 15, 2012

Rest! A good thing.

It’s Friday! When was the last time you  had a whole weekend to yourself? (Saturday AND Sunday?) Rest is a good thing. Plan for it. Make sure you get yours! Rest is your Friend....

Sharing Perspectives- Balancing Insights

Hello Blog Fans,
I’m back- And yes, I did change the name of my blog to Balancing Insights because I did finally “finish something!” The e-book is called Stress Less: 10 Balancing Insights on Work and Life, and the website is called, and the Facebook page is up. (Feel free to applaud.) 

What did I learn? I talk a good story- but it really is hard to follow through with so many irons in the fire… while writing a book about following through, saving yourself, and lowering your stress level- with so many irons in the fire. I just want others to know- you are not alone. We can all share ways to lower our stress levels and live longer, happier, healthier lives. Feel free to write in.