Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuck? Do Anything!

Ever have so much to do that you’re paralyzed? Just staring straight ahead at the mountain of things awaiting your attention? To do nothing seems like certain death- to do everything at once is impossible… Answer? Do anything! Pick something- a corner, a small 15 minute task, and start. It may not be the big problem that haunts you most, but the load is lighter even if you shake off a few ounces.

Sometimes this is just enough to open the pathway to the next thing, and the next. When I have something big to accomplish, a paper, a project, I always want to clean up the office, or go and garden instead. Occasionally, I’ll just go and do that. It wasn’t the project I should have been working on- but when I return I feel better, often spending less time completing the project than I would have with other things on my mind. This method doesn’t fix everything- but it can help. Don’t just sit there. Start anywhere you like- just start.    

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